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Thu Oct 05, 09:30AM HKT Mission Road - Turf

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Men's
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Cricket Hong Kong, Domestic All Stars

Sun Sep 03, 09:30AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Cavaliers
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Craigengower Cricket Club, CCC Fung Wong

Sun Sep 03, 01:30PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Wasps
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Kowloon Cricket Club, KCC Maidens

Sun Sep 10, 09:30AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

United Services Recreation Club, USRC Women's T20
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Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Willow Wielders

Sun Sep 10, 01:30PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Kowloon Cricket Club, KCC Maidens
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Craigengower Cricket Club, CCC Fung Wong

Sun Sep 17, 09:30AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

United Services Recreation Club, USRC Women's T20
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Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Wasps

Sun Sep 17, 01:30PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Willow Wielders
Result >
Craigengower Cricket Club, CCC Fung Wong

Sun Oct 01, 09:30AM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

United Services Recreation Club, USRC Women's T20
Result >
Kowloon Cricket Club, KCC Maidens

Sun Oct 01, 01:30PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

Craigengower Cricket Club, CCC Fung Wong
Result >
Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club, DLSW Wasps

Mon Oct 02, 08:00AM HKT Hong Kong Cricket Club - Astro

Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Cavaliers
Result >
Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKCC Willow Wielders

Thu Oct 05, 01:30PM HKT PKVR Reservoir Ground - 1

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Oct 20 2017

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Digital transformation , Software Development

Microservices architecture is a hot topic today. It has begun to challenge the traditional monolithic architecture and bring customers over to its side. Migrating to microservices is a common trend for many companies. It is driven by the modern market influences and demands: flexibility, agility, scalability, a quick reaction to changes and customer-centricity.

Actually, the hype surrounding microservices is worth noticing, as this architectural model offers to build a loosely coupled infrastructure with the best user experience. Thus, it can be a great fit for some businesses. But keep in mind that a non-monolithic system is not suitable for every use case. To remain monolithic or to migrate — that is the question. You should know the requirements adopting microservices in order to decide on the proper architecture for the system you are working on.

In this article, we will talk about the microservices architecture vs monolithic architecture , compare their main features, advantages and disadvantages . This will help you make a decision on which structure to choose for your enterprise.

Monolithic Architecture

What is monolithic architecture? Or, to be more precise, what is a monolith in the IT industry? Monolithic architecture is a software development pattern in which an application is created with a single codebase, a single build system, a single executable binary and multiple modules for business or technical features. Its components work together, share the same memory space and resources. From the definition of monolithic, it follows that a monolithic application is a cohesive unit of code.

This approach has been used for years to develop enterprise apps, as the industry was focused on desktop devices with browsers that didn’t requireapplication platform interfaces (APIs).

Almost any big and successful app we use today was started as a monolith, since this architecture works well at the initial stage of the project. Let’s define monolithic benefits .

In general, advantages of monolithic architecture imply simplicity in every aspect.

There are lots of websites with millions of visitors that were built as one large monolith. Some of them will probably continue working in this mode for a couple of years, but most of the companies are striving to split up their products into microservices. This is happening because of some significant disadvantages of the monolithic applications. The difficulties become particularly noticeable when the service and the team expand.

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Friends, family mourn loss of Kaylie Jackson
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Four Monroe High School students were injured in a car accident Friday on their way to prom, school officials said. (WXIX)

The Hamilton County Coroner's Office has identified the Monroe High School student who died following a crash on prom night.

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Kaylie Jackson, 17, was a backseatpassenger in a Tesla that crashed in the8200block of MillikinRoad Friday.

Jackson passed away Monday, according toDr. Phil Cagwin, superintendent of Monroe Local Schools.

Three other teens were in the vehicle, authorities said.

"We ask that you continue to keep the families impacted by this tragic accident in your thoughts and prayers.We will continue to do all we can to support our students through this difficult time,"Dr. Cagwin said Monday.

The police report shows that Kaylie was not wearing a seat belt at the time and was ejected from the car after the impact.

Butler County Traffic Unit detectives were back on the scene Monday looking for any evidence on what may have caused the crash.

Senior Mitchell Foster was trapped in the car and had to be extricated by emergency crews, according to his sister, Courtnie Foster.

"He does say that you know, they were running late and he knew she was speeding. That's all he said," Foster said.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office said drugs and alcohol did not play a role in the crash, but they'll have to investigate further to determine if excessive speed did.

"Each car has it's own individual 'black box.'There has to be a search warrant done obviously to get into the contents of that car to find out the factors on the speed and those kind of things take time," Sgt. Melissa Gerhardt said.

Mitchell's family said Jackson was one of her brother's best friends.

"We are so very heartbroken. They were really, really close friends," Foster said.

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